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Unleashing Excellence: Enhancing Plastic Performance with Shine Polymer’s Teflon Powder Additive

When it comes to enhancing the performance of plastic products, Shine Polymer offers a revolutionary solution – Shinepoly SN3308, a chemically modified PTFE granular commonly known as teflon powder. With the addition of Shinepoly SN3308, thermoplastic compounds achieve an improved anti-dripping property that meets the stringent UL 94 V0 and V1 standards. Moreover, parts molded with SN3308 exhibit smooth surfaces with minimal gels and knitlines. Let’s delve into the benefits and applications of this remarkable product.

What is Teflon Powder and Shinepoly SN3308?

Shinepoly SN3308 belongs to the series of chemically modified PTFE granulars, commonly referred to as Teflon powder. These granules are manufactured by Shine Polymer, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the plastics industry. Shinepoly SN3308 stands out due to its unique properties that enhance the performance of thermoplastic compounds.

The Anti-Dripping Advantage of SN3308

By adding Shinepoly SN3308 into thermoplastic compound formulations, the resulting plastics exhibit an enhanced anti-dripping property. This improvement allows them to meet the strict UL 94 V0 and V1 standards. Such compliance is crucial in industries where fire safety regulations demand materials with excellent flame-retardant properties.

Smooth Surfaces with Less Gels and Knitlines

One of the main challenges in plastic molding is achieving smooth surfaces without defects like gels and knitlines. Fortunately, Shinepoly SN3308 effectively addresses this issue. When molded with SN3308, parts exhibit exceptional surface quality, reducing the need for additional finishing processes. This results in time and cost savings, ultimately boosting productivity for manufacturers.

Applications and Versatility

Shinepoly SN3308 finds widespread application in various industries due to its versatility. It can be used in the production of cables, automotive components, electrical appliances, and more. In cable applications, SN3308 aids in achieving improved flame retardancy, while automotive components benefit from enhanced strength and durability. The possibilities are endless, making Shinepoly SN3308 an indispensable choice for plastic manufacturers.


Shinepoly SN3308, or Teflon powder, is a game-changer in the world of plastic manufacturing. By incorporating SN3308 into thermoplastic compounds, manufacturers can achieve compliance with stringent fire safety standards while enjoying smooth surfaces devoid of gels and knitlines. With its versatile applications and the unwavering dedication of Shine Polymer to quality and innovation, Shinepoly SN3308 is the go-to solution for businesses looking to enhance the performance of their plastic products.

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