Why People are Always Addicted to Drama

Drama is a term that is often used in modern times. Dictionary Meaning Also, play is a term used on the dictionary.com website:

1 ). An article or verse that presents in dialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict or comparisons of characters, especially one that is intended to be performed on the stage. Drama is more beloved stuff around the globe, especially Asian dramas from .

2. This is the division of literature using these compositions as its topic; striking representation or artwork.

3. This artwork addresses the writing and production of plays.

4. A situation or group of circumstances that have a vibrant, psychological, contradictory or striking effect or consequence: The play of a murder case.

5. Drama is defined as the quality of being extraordinary. Play can also lead to addiction, as with many other things.

There are two types of drama. In a soap or movie like, the drama is usually more intense than in a person’s daily life. Even if we were to talk about the life of a normal person Rick and Morty season 4 torrent, there is still plenty of drama.

It is possible for the outside to be just as chaotic as what is happening inside. There’s the play happening in your life and there’s also the attraction to the play happening in others’ lives. What’s going on inside someone’s head or body is easier to see than what’s outside. This applies to more than just the external observer. It could also be applicable to the person.

What is the Attraction?

This raises the question: What brings people to outside drama? It helps two things by getting involved and connected to the play in other people’s lives. Second, comparing one’s drama to outside drama creates a contrast. The contrast allows you to see that their play isn’t too bad, and you can feel more at ease. It doesn’t matter if people go together or not; the shadow is there and it can’t be removed.

The Drama Addiction

The Ego MindTo be able to recognize why something is different throughout one’s life and keep it coming up, one must bring the self mind into the equation. The ego mind is primarily influenced by early childhood experiences. It forms relationships with what it considers safe and what it can recognize.This means that, no matter how dysfunctional or practical they were, the experiences will still be part of the wounded inner child. You will be able to take back the memories from the past by regression.The Drama ExperienceThis is when you’ll continue to experience the same emotions and behavior patterns that your hurt inner child did.

These feelings and behaviors are likely to be mirrored by outside manifestations. However, what one sees on the outside may not match what one experiences on the inside. The inner experience of one’s childhood is therefore not contested or detected.These feelings could include: rejection, anger, jealousy and helplessness. However, to the self mind and the wounded inner child, they are so comfortable and safe. This means that the ego mind has based its entire identity on these institutions, and if the self mind allowed them to move it would look like the end.

Self-defense mechanisms are also part of the self mind. They prevent it from looking inwardly and facing what it would rather avoid. Because it is motivated by pleasure and pain, it does this. And exactly what happened all those years back in one’s youth would have definitely been debilitating and this usually means that the ego mind is going to do everything it can to prevent these ancient memories.Consequences And that is the reason the very same patterns will look and why play often follows a few people where they go along with whomever they’re with. Watch Korean series on Dramacool.


This is a sign of how important awareness is. Because it hasn’t been expressed yet, all that’s happened before is just continuing to appear. One becomes a slave to the self-thoughts of the ego mind, which tries to stop what has happened.

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