What is Putlockers? 

Putlockers offers a streaming service that streams movies and TV shows for free. This site provides the best free movie and TV shows streaming service. For years, a large number of people have used it to watch their favorite movies. Khatrimaza allows users to access thousands of Bollywood movies and pirated content.This website was originally created in the UK. It started out as a file hosting platform. However, due to high traffic it became a home for movies and other free web shows.This site hosts pirated content, which is illegal in many countries. This site’s content is not subject to any copyright laws.Putlockers was the best free movie streaming site because of its amazing services and features. However, the site disappeared suddenly from the internet. No one knows why.

What’s the deal with this website?

Many rumors exist about what happened to this website. The most plausible explanation is that the authorities are constantly working to eradicate illegal websites and platforms offering pirated content.Recent changes in security policy regarding online content have made it more difficult to combat content-stealing sites. It is likely that Putlockers was one of those platforms and they decided to take it down.

The Main Reasons Putlockers Shut down

Sites that offer free content that is not intended to be free are often considered illegal. This is because it is similar to stealing from someone and putting it in the display without their consent. This is what most free movie streaming websites do and why they’re being shut down.Putlockers hosted content owned by other companies and platforms. This caught their attention, and they had to end it.

Which are the best alternatives to putlockers?

If you are unable to access Putlockers due to any reason, there are many legal websites that can be accessed for free or paid. These websites are excellent in streaming and video quality.


It is a well-known movie streaming site. Netflix hosts web series, anime, and other documentaries. This is quite cool. The website is unrivaled in video quality and content variety.Netflix doesn’t have any ads that make streaming even more enjoyable. Although it is a paid platform the costs are small compared to the services and features that Netflix offers. This site is very secure, just like Kisscartoon. You can have as much fun and worry about data theft, but you don’t need to worry about it.


This site is free and offers the best movies and shows in high resolution video. This platform offers both local and mainstream shows. 123movies has a beautiful UI designed to enhance your streaming experience. Learn More: OnionplayThe website has quick search options such as auto-completion or filter search, making it easy for anyone to find what they’re looking for and what they really like.


This site hosts mainly Tamil and Indian movies. There are many movies from Hollywood and other countries that you can watch in high-quality. Movierulz has a great UI. It is easy to navigate through the various sections and quickly find what you are looking for.There might be some ads, but they are not very common and relevant. This website is excellent for video quality, which is what you want in any movie streaming site.

Los Movies

It is well-known for hosting a large number of shows and movies. You can watch thousands of movies in high quality. There are many categories and groups of movies and TV shows that have been organized. There are literally hundreds of movies in any genre you choose.Los Movies offers great streaming features such as filter search, auto completion, video resolution adjustment and latest movie recommendations. There is also a community chat forum and a website community. These features make this platform truly amazing and well worth the time.

When are Putlockers Back?

It is not known when the cool website will be back online. We can only wait for a clone website to putlockers. Many free streaming sites that were shut down once they had their services resumed there. There is a high chance that we will soon see something similar with Putlockers.You can still visit the other sites mentioned above and have some fun until the site reopens. These alternative sites are great for streaming movies and you’ll love them all.

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