What is esports? Important information surrounding Esport

What is esports? Is esports betting profitable? These are questions that many players are skeptical about. The reason is because Esport is not a popular field so not everyone knows it. But once you have mastered the bets New88today sports The life-changing opportunity for bettors is extremely great.

Explain what Esport is?

What is Esport? To put it simply, these are electronic sports that compete directly in a virtual environment. Unlike normal sports fields, you have to exercise and move to practice. Esport requires players to possess special skills. Such as analytical thinking, fighting style, ability to work in a group, etc. At the same time, mouse and keyboard operations and observing the screen must also be smooth.

Currently, Esport has been approved by many countries and developed into a subject to make money. Highlights include:

  • Southeast Asia includes Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia,…
  • East Asia region includes China, Korea, Japan,…
  • The South Asian region includes the countries of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal,…
  • The North American region includes the United States, Canada, Mexico,…

Advantages and disadvantages that Esport betting brings

What is esports? What are the benefits of participating in Esport betting for new members? Here are the pros and cons of Esport betting:


For players:

  • Improve agility and reflexes to a new level.
  • Increase your income if you are qualified. Because e-sports is one of the “hot” money-making fields in recent times.
  • Represent your country in competition and bring glory to your country.
  • Meet with famous figures around the world if you show your worth.

For fans:

  • If you take the trouble to learn what Esport is, this subject can inspire audiences for a long time.
  • Improve income if players know how to place reasonable bets. You can experience betting at  New88 to create long-term profits.


For players:

  • Competing for a long time can have some impact on the player’s health. The reason is because they have to sit continuously and move less like normal jobs.
  • The career age is quite short, only 18 – 25 years old. If not successful, the future will be very difficult to manage.

For fans:

  • I love games and feel dissatisfied if my “idol” plays poorly.
  • Take time off from school and work to play games, especially for students of school age. Therefore, you must know what Esport is before deciding to participate in this subject.

What are the popular betting games in Esport?

In the process of learning what Esport is, people cannot ignore betting games in Esport. May be mentioned as:
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League of Legends betting

League of Legends is definitely a game not to be missed when learning what the Esport field is. This is a game that includes 5 positions: jungle, top lane, mid lane, gunner and support. It all contributes to the eye-catching fights in the match. Some of the main types of bets in League of Legends are:

  • Bet on winning the entire match.
  • Bet on winning the first tower.
  • Odds betting.
  • Handicap betting.

In addition, there are many other types of bets for you to freely choose from. At  New88, the house is committed to providing accurate bets and helping players earn more income.

Dota 2 betting

Similar to League of Legends, Dota 2 also has a gameplay that is not too different. In all aspects, Dota 2 is a legendary game that appeared right from the beginning. You can observe the players’ impressive performances while watching. The types of bets in Dota 2 are:

  • Bet on the winning team.
  • Over/under betting.
  • Odd/even betting.
  • Betting on over/under odds.

If you know what Esport is and have experienced the game Dota 2, you can absolutely bet at  New88. Because the house always creates conditions for players to participate and commits to absolute information security.

PUBG betting

PUBG is an extremely famous online survival game in the world. At the same time, the PUBG Global Invitational and PUBG Continental Series tournaments also always attract viewers at first sight. You can absolutely play in a team of 4 people, 2 people or alone. Below are some simple bets in PUBG:

  • Bet on the final winner.
  • Bet on where the item drop box is.
  • Where to bet on round bo thu?
  • Bet on which player falls first.

 New88 is a reliable address for you to refer to PUBG betting odds before starting. Not only that,  New88 also brings quality PUBG links so you can experience the most authentic feeling. If you do not understand clearly what Esport is, the house’s staff is ready to explain to players on the hotline.


Hopefully the above article at New88 helped everyone understand clearly what Esport is. It can be said that this is a field with enormous development potential and is suitable for all types of bettors. Wishing all of you can choose your favorite game and make a long-term profit!

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