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Amazon Product Research 2022: How do you find the best Amazon products?

Every seller who wishes to make a profit on Amazon should prioritize finding the best products to sell. This is a crucial task that should not be underestimated. Your Amazon business will flourish if you select the right product.But, picking the wrong product will make it difficult to earn a profit or sell enough, even if you invest in Amazon repricers and other software solutions.Many sellers feel intimidated by the idea of doing detailed product research. Product research doesn’t have to be hard! Let’s look at the importance of Amazon product research and how we can do it.

Amazon Product Research: Explained

Amazon Product Research refers to the whole process of finding the most trendy, popular, and unique products that Amazon can sell. It’s a way to understand what’s selling on Amazon to make the best decision and select the best products. It is important to find products that are easy to source, cheaper, and then to sell them at higher prices to make profit. It seems quite straightforward, doesn’t it? This process is not easySelection of your niche

You need to be allowed to sell under restricted categories and gates.

Your competitors

Amazon fees and expenses

These factors will impact whether or not you decide to sell the items you are interested in and if they are financially viable.

What are some of the benefits to conducting Amazon product research

If you spend too much time researching, it will be difficult to find lucrative products. You shouldn’t pick products just because they look interesting to you. Your perception of a product can often be completely different from what your research shows. Instead of trying to sell everything you don’t want, try selling what is most popular on Amazon.Amazon is a place where there are no room for guesswork and rash decisions. This is especially important if your business wants to be successful in the long-term.

Amazon sellers have a difficult time with product research because they don’t know where else to start. This is understandable as each product requires different research. You need to ensure that the product you choose looks great with other products you offer to customers.

The top 5 best ways to find the most products for your Amazon Business

It takes a lot of research to find the best products for Amazon. Here are five ways to ensure you do your research correctly.


Amazon is the first place to go when searching for stuff. You will find many products on Amazon’s Bestseller Lists under ” bestsellers” and under ” movers & shakers “, as well as under the sections ” most wanted“, gift ideas “, and ” gift tips “. These sections may provide valuable information on the products that sellers are interested in, as well as the ones you should consider adding to your list.

Click on ” bestsellers to see the top 100 best-selling products in any category. You should also explore sub-categories. Do not choose the first item that you see. Choose a subcategory to examine the best-selling products within that category. You will be able refine your research, even though the item may be highly sought after. You can choose an item to further analyze and, instead of purchasing the exact same product, search for a better but similar alternative.

To see the Hot Latest Releases , switch to the Home Page. This will show you which products are hot and what’s coming soon. You may even be able to source the product before it is released, and you might end up being one of the few sellers who sells the most popular Amazon item.To see what products customers are most likely to order as gifts, check out the Most Gifted and Most Wished for lists. This will allow you to narrow your search and focus on a particular category of products, rather than doing extensive research that takes too much time.

Contact your suppliers

If you already have products available on Amazon and have regular contact with your supplier, the best way to find lucrative products is to get in touch with them to learn about the most in-demand and trending products. This is the most cost-effective research strategy, as your supplier will already know the top selling products. Also, if you purchase more products from the same source your unit costs will be lower.

Compare the products of your competitors

A great way to continue your product research is by identifying products that have been proven to be profitable via Amazon PPC. Amazon sellers who invest in such ads are almost certain to benefit from them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be marketing the items. The sponsored label on Amazon indicates that the item is a paid advertisement. Look at the ads of your competition to see what products you could add to your stock.

Search on eBay

Although you may prefer to sell on Amazon, eBay is a great source of information. A product that sells well on eBay will most likely sell well on Amazon if it is available on eBay. This is why eBay product listings are so useful for your research. While not all products will be suitable for your research, you can use it to search for the most in-demand items on Amazon.

See Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool to help you find Amazon products. To get quick notifications about the most popular and trending topics, set up alerts.You won’t always receive notifications about ” Trending Products“, but you will find interesting topics, topics, stories, and subjects that relate to your business or product needs. This will allow you to see what products you might be able offer on Amazon.Google Trends also allows you to search for products. Select the United Kingdom and search for any product. Then, select ” Web Search” to get all relevant information about the product as well as the related products.

In conclusion,

If you use the strategies above, you will be able conduct profitable Amazon product research. To make a profit on Amazon, you must have a profitable product. To maximize your sales and increase revenue, make sure you sign up for the best Amazon FBA repricing tool.

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