Best Android App Development Frameworks for 2021

Android is the most popular Operating System in the world for creating custom applications. It accounts for 87% of the market share in the Android ecosystem. Its main focus is on tablets and PCs as well as automobiles, gadgets, smartphones, and other devices.This all makes it imperative to have the best android app development frameworks. Android is customizable because it has a global community. New android development tools are preferred by software developers all over the globe. It is not always easy for developers to choose the right android platform and why.We are here to help you choose the best framework for your projects. Here is a list with the top android development frameworks in 2021.

1. React Native Android Framework –

React Native, the most popular cross-platform framework for android app development, was created by Facebook as a hackathon project in 2013. According to a survey of more than 90,000 developers, React Native has 60% of the votes. It is the third most popular framework. React Native currently has 68,690 more stars on Github. React Native is an open-source mobile development tool that lets developers leverage the platform. It is also a flexible javascript library that aids in creating mobile apps for android or ios.

Why Choose React Native When There are Other Options?

React Native has been praised by most android app developers who have tried it. It is easy and fast to create custom apps. The native platform, with its built-in APIs and interface, gives mobile apps a unique look that reduces development costs. This platform solves issues such as codebase differences, iteration periods, imperative programming, and builds the customized codes for reuse.

Businesses using React Native Framework –

React Native has been used by many companies over the years.








2. Flutter Android Framework –

What’s flutter?

Google has released Flutter, a mobile UI SDK framework that is free and open-source. It can be used to build many applications. Flutter is used by developers all over the globe for hybrid application development. It compiles native code using Google’s 2D rendering engine skia. Flutter framework simplifies cross-platform development by allowing developers the ability to easily test functionality and UI. This type of framework has many advantages, including screen reader, themes and apps for Android, iOS, and other features.

Flutter’s best feature is its ability to quickly develop high-quality apps on iOS and Android using one codebase.

Businesses using Flutter Framework –

React Native has been used by many companies over the years.







3. Ionic Android Framework –

It is a free, open-source mobile framework which is MIT certified. Ionic allows programmers and developers to easily adapt to modern technologies such as HTML5 and Javascript. The ionic framework was designed to allow you to create interactive mobile applications. Its quality animations, tools and gestures make it easy to build high-quality desktop or mobile web apps from a simple database.

Ionic is faster than other frameworks like AngularJS and uses functionalities such as Bluetooth, health kit and fingerprint authentication. Cordova plugins allow developers to access many components such as GPS. It is an android app platform that developers can use to create cross-platform apps on any device.

Businesses using Ionic Android Framework –

Ionic Android Framework has been used by approximately 5 million developers. It is used primarily by


Web development companies


Travel company

Pharma sector

There are many other options.

4. Xamarin Framework

Xamarin is an open source platform that allows you to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. NET. This framework was voted the 10th most loved framework for cross-platform application development and the 15th best. It’s a user-friendly framework that allows developers to manage communication between code and platform code. Xamarin lets you create flexible apps using shared UI code in C# or XAML. It allows developers to create their business logic in one codebase and still achieve native performance. This is primarily for developers who want to share code and test technical logic on multiple platforms. It is trusted by businesses and enterprises around the world.


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