Things to Do in Graubunden, Switzerland.

Bernina Express, at 2253m (7391 feet), is the most notable rail route in the Alps. It covers 144 km (89 miles) in four hours, and crosses 196 bridges as well as 55 tunnels. Although there is no dining car on the train, you can purchase food and beverages. It is best to pack snacks for the four hour ride, as the train has slow service and high costs.

It is a wonderful ride! Here you can see lakes, peaks of mountain peaks, and beautiful scenery. Everyone’s dream of Escorting Graubunden is fulfilled here. Start your journey in Chur, and then continue on to Italy for the Bernina Express experience.

Go Tobogganing

Toboggan rides are one of the most exciting outdoor adventures that Switzerland has to offer. Graubunden Canton is where you can enjoy Switzerland’s longest Toboggan Run! Mount Pradaschier offers a thrilling experience of 3,060m (1.9 miles) in length and sometimes speeds up to 40 km/h (25 miles/h).

It is safe and suitable for families with young kids. This is the run’s greatest asset. Graubunden’s best 10 minutes will last 7-10 minutes. As you race down the sled, you not only feel adrenaline rush but also enjoy beautiful scenery and a feeling of weightlessness.

Head To St. Moritz

There is a lot to see in St. Moritz, including designer boutiques and upscale restaurants. St. Moritz, however, is the perfect place to enjoy the Swiss way of living. It is worth visiting the lakes of the valley around St. Moritz. Sex in Graubunden is a way to go anywhere you want. Summer is a great time to go kite surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. Cablecars make it easier to hike in the mountains nearby. Winter sports include skiing, snowshoeing and ski touring. Your decision is final.

Swiss National Park

Graubunden is the only public park in Switzerland. It is a beautiful park that offers a variety of activities for visitors who love Switzerland’s natural beauty. You will be entertained by stunning views, unique wildlife, and even a museum in the park during your stay. Hikers make up the majority of the visitors to the national parks due to their abundance of hiking trails. You will find everything you need for a hiker in the Swiss National Park. There are easy walks anyone can do, as well as long distance hikes to nearby peaks. Even if you don’t like hiking, driving through the park is a great experience. Because the recreation area is small, you can choose to base your Jobroom either on one side or the other. You can also spend multiple days here, if necessary.


The Waldhaus was in every way perfect. We stayed four nights at the Waldhaus for our honeymoon. We were amazed by the beauty of the hotel’s landscape, the warmth of the staff and the historic charm of this historic hotel. The Waldhaus’s owners and staff welcomed us warmly upon our arrival. The view from our room was breathtaking and the rooms were well-equipped. The evening turndown service made it feel like we were returning home after dinner. Half board is a must! The food is delicious. The nightly menus are also excellent, keeping things fresh and interesting. Never had we experienced a spa’s sauna, steam room, soaking pool or relaxation area like this before. The Fex Valley was a beautiful place to hike. I am glad to be back with all the modern conveniences and amenities, but the Waldhaus will always remain a part me.

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