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“Improving Security and Efficiency in Medical File Transport with OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Computer Cart”

In the healthcare industry, the safe and simple transportation of medical files plays a crucial role in maintaining patient privacy and improving operational efficiency. OEKAN Furniture, a leading provider of medical furniture, offers a cutting-edge solution to this challenge–the medical notes trolley. This lockable trolley ensures that private and important documents are only accessed by specific individuals, instilling confidence in protecting sensitive information.

Designed with Versatility in Mind

OEKAN Furniture‘s medical trolley is available in two sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. The narrower version optimizes space utilization, while the more comprehensive model provides extra room for larger files and equipment. With options to suit any environment, healthcare professionals can have peace of mind knowing that their medical files are easily accessible yet securely stored.

Key Features of the Notes Trolley Large

One of the standout features of OEKAN Furniture’s medical notes trolley is its mobility. Equipped with four 125mm castors two braked, this cart can be effortlessly maneuvered throughout the facility. This ensures seamless and efficient transportation of medical files between different departments, improving workflow and reducing delays.


In conclusion, OEKAN Furniture’s medical computer cart is a game-changer in the healthcare industry, revolutionizing how medical files are transported. With its emphasis on security and simplicity, this innovative trolley ensures that confidential patient information remains protected while offering easy access to authorized personnel. From its lockable design to its ergonomic features, OEKAN Furniture’s medical trolley is a reliable solution that caters to the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

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