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Enhance Cooling Efficiency with Huajing’s TP22096 Cold Plate for Liquid Cooling

Huajing, a trusted brand in liquid cooling plate, presents the TP22096 model, a high-performance cold plate designed specifically for liquid cooling applications. In this article, we will explore the exceptional features and benefits of the TP22096, highlighting its ability to enhance cooling efficiency. With its economical design, advanced thermoelectric cooling technology, and specialized product offerings, the TP22096 from Huajing is the perfect choice to optimize temperature control in liquid cooling systems.

Unleashing Efficient Cooling Performance

The TP22096 cold plate, part of Huajing’s Plate to Liquid series, is engineered to provide efficient cooling for various applications. This versatile cold plate for liquid cooling can effectively cool or heat objects attached directly to its surface or enclosures by utilizing a thermal conductive container. By dissipating heat to a liquid on the warm side, the TP22096, Huajing’s liquid cooling plate, ensures effective thermal management. The liquid circuit, typically of a circulating type with a pump, coupled with a Liquid-to-Air heat exchanger, efficiently removes heat into the ambient air. The result is a powerful yet compact cooling system that optimizes cooling capacity and efficiency.

Advanced Thermoelectric Cooling Technology

At the core of the TP22096 lies a state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooler (TEC) utilizing Peltier module technology. This TEC offers a high ΔTmax, allowing for a significant temperature differential, along with large heat absorption capabilities and high efficiency. By leveraging these advanced features, the TP22096 ensures effective heat transfer and precise temperature control in liquid cooling applications. With its economical design, the TP22096 serves as an excellent general-use thermoelectric cooler, delivering both high performance and quality at a cost-effective price point.

Specialized Offerings for Unique Requirements

Huajing takes pride in offering specialized products to meet specific customer needs. One notable example is the TP22096 model with a center hole, providing versatility and adaptability for unique cooling configurations. This customization option allows for seamless integration into existing systems, catering to diverse liquid cooling requirements. Huajing’s commitment to delivering original and innovative solutions sets the TP22096 apart from conventional cold plates, ensuring that clients can achieve optimal cooling performance tailored to their specific applications.


Huajing’s TP22096 cold plate revolutionizes liquid cooling efficiency with its exceptional features and capabilities. As part of the Plate to Liquid series, this model delivers efficient cooling for objects and enclosures by utilizing advanced thermoelectric cooling technology. With its high-performance TEC, the TP22096 ensures effective heat transfer, precise temperature control, and cost-efficiency. The TP22096’s customization options, such as the model with a center hole, provide added flexibility to meet unique cooling requirements. Trust Huajing to deliver the TP22096, a reliable and innovative solution that optimizes cooling efficiency in liquid cooling applications.

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